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How to become an attractive girl for any guy

The expert in the field of communication and the interpersonal relations Steve Nakamoto knows that wanted by the women and can answer many other questions exciting them. He tells how to become attractive to men.

How to become attractive to men

Honest man’s look: a variety gives sharpness of life and love. The more at your sides which attract men, the more they are interested in you. Surely show to men whom you meet, the different parties of the personality. So you will be able to avoid a serious problem — boredom.

Earlier I adored carrot pie in cream and cheese glaze. However, this adoration passed when near my house in a popular grocery shop “Dealer Joe” started selling carrot pies at only 2 dollars 49 cents apiece. Within half a year I bought every day on some pies. Naturally, over time they became boring to me.

Sometimes we find out that hunger which we once experienced — whether it be physical or emotional — is satisfied, and for maintenance of appetite it is necessary to add new ingredients. Whatever strong was the initial desire, later time we are bored by for what we so were eager.

When interest of the man weakens

Women often ask me a question that wanted actually by the men? Quite often it seems to them that men think only of one (that is of sex). However, I happened to hear complaints more than once that over time men lose interest in physical proximity.

For example, recently I received such letter:

“I met four months ago with one wonderful guy. First our novel developed roughly. We spent the first two months together every night. Then reduced speed a little and four-five times a week began to meet. Everything was healthy, but absolutely unexpectedly he decided that we have to stop having sex until he does not understand that wants. We still see each other four-five times a week, we talk much, but we have no sex in general! He says that feels to me attachment, all the time calls, invites to spend time together — up to joint travel. But does not want proximity at all. According to him, he is not sure that is ready to the serious relations. I do not lift this subject at all. But the most important question which haunts me: what happened to the guy who felt such strong attraction? All this situation confuses me. Tell, what it can mean and what to do to me?”

Undoubtedly, today many men at first very persistently achieve women, and then quickly cool down, having received what was eager — sex or attention. At first sight it seems that men are entirely guilty of such succession of events. But even the best of them, despite the desire to love, can pass away from persistent prosecution to a gradual distance.

So in what is a root problem? That wanted actually by the men? And how wise women manage to hold the man satisfied and thus eager for the bigger?

It is insufficiently simple to be sexy

One my good friend, without having recovered after painful divorce yet, got the affair with the professional stripper. Yes, it was rather sexy.

For several months Tony’s old times was delighted with such passionate woman. I often met him in popular night clubs where he watched Cindi’s performances, and then enjoyed her attention. But later some time I learned that my companion again stays in search of the girl, but already for the serious relations.

Tony admitted to me that his affair with the dancer was “the best and the most awful at the same time”. Obviously, the unhealthy way of life of Cindi with sleepless nights, drugs, alcohol and strange acquaintances started dementing my poor friend. In these relations the passion, jealousy, excitement, fear and chaos oddly mixed up.

Tony liked “pluses”, but to him all became more difficult to cope with growing “minuses” of these relations. The main reason for a gap was that it could never bring Cindi into the house of the parents and “to acquaint with mother”. And it means that he did not perceive this communication seriously.

It is sure that for the stripper parting with my friend was painless at all not. Eventually, it was so sexual and attractive as soon as there can be a woman. But these relations satisfied only one emotional need of my friend — in excitement — and did not answer all other.

If you are thinking about streaming on live webcam or appearing anywhere online – make sure to use a webcam that has at least HD quality video. Otherwise everything just doesn’t make sense. No matter how you try to be hot – you won’t, because of poor webcam stream quality and guys won’t be able to see you at your best.

Speak, it is too good — too badly. If in the partner only one party attracts, and besides he is not capable to offer anything else, over time such communication can bore. The main secret of happy love in that the relations combined stability and a variety at the same time.