Sweet & sexy cake Emily ready to please

Hello there, I am the ultimate cutie girlfriend you were seeking for. I’ve been told I am pretty and sweet, and my followers often tell me they would like to bring home to meet their parents. Sounds a bit silly I know, but that’s the type of girl I am.

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I prefer jeans to glamorous dresses, and really like to dress casually. My fashion sense separates me from all of the other girls on the web and it is something I really cherish.

I got a couple of my outfits showcased in my gallery so go ahead and check them out.

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I can’t say much more about my looks but I can say a couple of words about my live shows. When I get horny, I like to take charge and especially enjoy the “69” as it gives me control over the foreplay. My hot body and limber legs will keep you horny all the way through, and once experienced, it is something that is very hard not think about.

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The more you push my sexual boundaries, the more I will push back and keep fueling your imagination. That way I keep you right on the edge. I am sexually mature and there is almost nothing I haven’t tried. And if you find something please to share is it cause I will more than likely be willing to try it out. Don’t be afraid, be honest and request the kinkiest desires you have and I will make sure to take care of you. I find honest men sexually very attractive. Just join my private show and see for yourself why I get a top rating by my followers. I offer all the perks of a real girlfriend experience without the downsides of having to take care of me all the time. Whenever you are in need of spanking session, I will be there for you and help you out.

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What I really enjoy is having someone match my level of perversion and when I meet such a person, I really enjoy the show and that reflects in my performance. Join me for an adventure and take charge in of the best sexual experience available on the web. There will be no regrets and I expect to keep seeing you once you witness the stuff I am capable of. Looking forwards to meeting you.